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Joe 06-12-2015 04:11 AM

Hello evryone,

Just registered and hoping you guys might be able to pass on some of your Victory knowledge/advice.

I'm a Brit living in Spain, been riding (many marques) for more years than I want to admit to!... now retired.

Thanks for the opportunity to join the forum.

Gigolo Aunt 06-12-2015 11:13 AM

Hey Joe welcome to the boards. Whats the Victory dealer network like out there?

Joe 06-12-2015 12:21 PM

Hi Gigolo, thanks for the welcome.

I believe there are around a dozen dealers in Spain. One franchise has two seperate showrooms within about 120km of my home.

Spanish bike dealers in general are a pain, but the Victory dealer nearest me seems pretty good... mind you I haven't bought a bike from him yet so I'm still a prospect!.

Tiger 06-12-2015 09:35 PM

In Canada the dealer network is a little thin. I have to drive about 2 hours to get to my dealer. Really wish there there was something closer. When I need service I need to go on Saturday or take a day off. The dealer I deal with has been Ok. They screwed some things up but went out of their way to make sure they fixed them.

Joe 06-13-2015 03:06 AM

Hi Tiger,
Have downloaded the owners manual and it seems that Victory are pretty relaxed on owners doing there own routine servicing (after the first) without affecting the warranty... I like this stance.

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